5 questions to hard wire curriculum improvement.

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📝 Hard wiring curriculum improvement - a 5 question toolkit.

📅 Curriculum Thinking Week 2021 - session titles from the smaller departments.

💼 Jobs with We Are In Beta community members.

📝 Hard wiring curriculum improvement.

“I have long thought that, in many cases, we can find ourselves thinking of school improvement as a slightly discrete activity – something that happens only whenever there is space alongside more ‘day-to-day’ activities.

“Seeing school improvement in this way, as a ‘bolt-on’, an addition to what we do, is of course both inefficient and tempts us to try to squeeze yet more from ‘time-poor’ resources. It also risks being perceived as a distraction from schools’ ‘core business’.

“And yet, of course, school improvement is the business of schools, and there are clear benefits from finding ways of integrating improvement into our routines and structures.”

Lee Northern reveals what he and his team are looking at and how they are looking at it using a toolkit.

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📅 Curriculum Thinking Week 2021 - session titles from the smaller departments.

Here’s a sample of the some of the brilliant sessions lined up for the smaller departments during Curriculum Thinking Week 2021:

💌 Creating buy-in for KS3 SRE.

🧠 Psychology A Level Curriculum Planning - a focus on Research Methods.

🏦 Teaching Behavioural Economics in a linear A Level.

🖥️ Embedding and improving assessments in Computer Science.

🏀 Moderation & Work Scrutiny Across Practical Subjects (PE).

🛠️ Planning KS3 curriculum with limited D&T teaching time.

🎶 Developing reflective performance culture in KS3 Music lessons.

🎨 How we have embedded Literacy into Art across all key stages.

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💼 Jobs with We Are In Beta community members.

Senior leadership

Vice Principal & Assistant Principal - Hanham Woods Academy (Bristol).

Middle leadership

Subject Leader for RE & Citizenship - The Vyne School (Hampshire).


MFL, Music, Science & Spanish - Twynham School (Dorset).

Spanish - Trinity Academy (Bristol).

RS, History or Geography - John Taylor Free School (Burton-on-Trent).

Maths - Atherton High School (Wigan).

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