Top 26 schools for maths; How to create a feedback culture; What mainstream can learn from PRUs

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There are two big questions at the moment. One, what’s happening with exams? Two, is it too early to put up your Christmas Tree?

The question we’ve been asking, as always, is: how can we help schools learn from each other?

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🔬Research: Maths curricula from top-performing schools.

📰 Column: Creating a Feedback Culture.

📝 Article: What I’ve learned in a PRU.

💼 Jobs and opportunities. Jobs with We Are In Beta Community members.

🔬Maths curricula from top-performing schools.

Nationally, progress in maths for disadvantaged pupils was -0.39 in 2019, compared to 0.11 for non-disadvantaged pupils.

We went looking for schools with a higher than national % of disadvantaged KS4 students (>27%) and who achieve >0.5 progress in maths for disadvantaged students in 2019 results. 

We found 26 schools who met these benchmarks and gathered their resources in one place.

Get to know different approaches to maths curriculum planning, with these examples from schools with incredible progress in maths for disadvantaged students.

📎 Read their maths curriculum resources here.

📈 Download the progress data set here.

📍 See where the schools are on an interactive map here.

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📰 Thoughts from a Head’s head about… Creating a Feedback Culture.

“Why is it when you approach a group of kids in the playground to move them on, you (usually) get at least a grudging respect and a shuffling in the right direction, whereas if you approach a group of kids in the street or on a train you’re much more likely to be told to f**k right off?

“And it’s the same difference with adults.  Why is it you can feed back to a grateful colleague after they’ve practised their assembly on you, but when you feed back to some moron refusing to put on his mask in a service station you’re much more likely to be told to f**k right off?”

Exec. Head, George McMillan (Harris Federation), argues it’s about rapport and challenge.

He shares how to spot low rapport and low challenge and reveals how you can tell who you’re not building a strong enough relationship with.

Feedback culture this way

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📝 What I’ve learned in a PRU.

“It has been just over 18 months since I decided to leave my job in a mainstream secondary, join The Difference Leaders Programme and take the leap into working as a senior leader at Mayesbrook Park School - a pupil referral unit in Dagenham -  for two years. In hindsight I realise that this was both a massive leap of faith and...”

Ellie Doyle, Difference Leader, shares how she manages the most challenging behaviour, how she recognises her triggers and what she believes mainstream schools can learn from PRUs.

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💼 Jobs and opportunities.

Deputy SENCo in Sutton - contact Ro King (Assistant Head, Greenshaw High School). Closing 8th December.

Head of Maths, Stanchester Academy in South Somerset - contact Tamsin Grainger (Director of Education, Bridgewater College Trust). Closing 9th December.

Year Leader, Bluecoat Beechdale Academy - contact Shonagh Reid (Assistant Principal). Closing 4th December.

Assistant Headteacher (T&L), Murray Park Community School, Derby - contact George Hagen (Assistant Head). Closing 30th November.

Subject Leader of Physics, Chemistry & Biology, The Ongar Academy, Essex - contact Allan Osbourne (Director of Education, Executive Headteacher).

Head of Maths and Head of AP, The Oldham Academy North - contact Rachael Hallam. Closing soon.

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