17 curriculum challenges & how you can help solve them; Voting for child hunger; What coaching can teach us about behaviour

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It was probably mid September when we first started asking “Is it half term yet?!” Well, it’s here and you deserve it.

I hope you have a good break, despite the fact we head into it under a dark cloud. Peter Hyman (Big Education and School 21) captures the mood:

“The govt decision over free school meals is not just unkind and uncaring but such inexplicably bad politics - particularly given £400 million was spent on ‘eat out to help out’ and the money for this is peanuts in comparison.”

So does We Are In Beta community member, Kaley Riley in her article below.

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This week:

🌐 Community News: 17 curriculum questions. Which ones do you want us to research?

📝 Article: Voting for child hunger

📰 Column: What can leadership coaching teach us about behaviour?

🌐 17 curriculum questions. Which ones do you want us to research?

Curriculum Thinkers: which of these challenges are you most interested in?

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📝 Voting for child hunger

“‘It frightens me, the way you talk’ comes to mind when I consider the things that I have read from ‘Public men’ that should have ‘public responsibilities as well as privileges’.

“It would seem that our country is being led by a cabinet of Mr Birlings, and I truly question people’s humanity when 313 MPs vote against feeding disadvantaged children over the school holidays. It is abhorrent.

“What is this world wherein members of parliament, who have likely never experienced the need to choose between feeling undignified in having to visit a food bank, or letting their children go hungry, get to vote to continue child poverty and hunger?”

Kaley Riley, Head of English at Charles Read Academy, say it how it is by raising 17 big questions.

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📰 What can leadership coaching teach us about behaviour?

Thoughts from a Head’s head about…

Exec Head George McMillan (Harris Federation) is back with a follow up to his piece about exclusions last time. It all begins with an experience he had 20 years ago.

“Twenty years later that memory still makes me shudder.  Through my coaching journey, I now have a sound understanding of human (including teenaged!) behaviour from a theoretical point of view that has really helped move my practice on.  My favourite theory which aims to explain why people act why they do when uncomfortable is called Edge Theory.

“The basic idea is that in order to deepen your experience or understanding of a person, a context, a situation or a concept, you need to cross an ‘edge’ in order to do so.  It looks like this…”

Show me how it looks

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