42 remarkable leaders; how to navigate leadership styles; school improvement community now open

Hello everyone,

To mark the end of a remarkable year, I want to say a few thank yous to all you:

  1. School leaders and teachers, for your incredible service delivered under the most difficult circumstances.

  2. Leaders and teachers, who shared your wisdom via our 2020 webinars, podcasts, live chats and columns.

  3. Subscribers and members, for your support and engagement with We Are In Beta’s work.

Thank you.

We are going on a short break for a well earned rest. I hope you are too.

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This week:

🎧 Podcasts: 20 remarkable leaders over 16 listens

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📰 Column: Thoughts from an Exec. Head’s head about… leadership styles

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🎥 16 Remarkable Listens

Series 3 has come to a close. We’re taking a break while we work on Series 4. If you’d like to take part, keep your eyes peeled for a call for submissions… out soon.

In the meantime, picture yourself in the sun (SPF advised), a drink in your hand and wisdom in your ears… Got it?

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🎥 14 Remarkable watches

Our Head of Helpfulness, Frances Ling, has put together this handy guide with links to every replay and all of the resources, from every webinar we’ve done this year.

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📰 Thoughts from an Exec Head’s head about … leadership styles

You might think, after a first glance of this graphic, we’re encouraging you to avoid George McMillan (Exec. Head, Harris Federation) 😂.

Far from it. I can’t recommend the first of his fortnightly columns enough. This week he explores leadership styles.

He discusses why he failed his first leadership test, the 4 leadership styles he uses and how you can recognise when to deploy each one with the help of some scenarios you may well recognise.

He also sets out 3 practical next steps for you and your team.

I want to read this

If you’d like to share your learning, join our growing list of columnists. Email saar@weareinbeta.com.

🌐 Greenshaw School Improvement Community opens

Today It Begins

Last weekend applications to the Greenshaw School Improvement Community closed.

This week the community opened. We can’t wait to get started with this group of 600+ school leaders over the next 12 months.

If you missed the application deadline, you can still access some of the content even though you won’t be able to access the community itself.

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Thanks for reading and playing your part in making education the place we all know it can be.

Have a great summer.

Speak soon.


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