Dixons Trinity Academy: what's the secret to their success?

Emma Steele (Dixons Trinity Academy); Shonogh Pilgrim (Ansford Academy); We Are In Beta Community Writers.

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This edition: the secrets to Dixons Trinity Academy’s success, how Ansford Academy went online, and the new ways school leaders are sharing their practice on the We Are In Beta Community.

🎥 Webinar: Emma Steele, Dixon’s Trinity Academy - developing great student relationships

Dixons Trinity Academy in Bradford serves one of the most disadvantaged wards in the country. And yet it is one of the highest performing schools in the country. Developing great student relationships has been fundamental to their success.

Join us on our next webinar to learn about:

  • the research informed principles underpinning their student relationships

  • how they train staff at whole school and individual training session levels

  • how they support staff to embed practice

  • how they use the most precise documentation you’ve ever seen to ensure clarity and consistency

📆 Tuesday 21st April 2020

🕒 3.00pm (exact time emojis might be one of my favourite things!)

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🎧 Building the plane while flying it

What do school ski trips, gentle online stalking and student independence have in common? And how can they prepare a school to go virtual?

Shonogh Pilgrim - Headteacher at Ansford Academy - reveals the answers in our latest episode.

She also shares which three online learning platforms they’ve been using; how she’s been communicating with her community remotely; and the one thing that’s helped her to hold her nerve and be brave in uncertainty.

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School leaders are not only asking big questions. They are writing articles to share their approaches and build connections at a time when it has never been needed more.

Here’s a selection:

📝 “Communication in a ‘virtual school’ - my experience at AJK” by Will Mackintosh, Headteacher.

📝 “School closures: where do we go next?” By Nat Nabarro, Vice Principal.

📝 “What’s your school’s USP?” by David Ellison, Executive Headteacher.

📝 “Remote job interviews: some thoughts” by Clare Fletcher, Director of Education, Yare Trust.

If you’re a serving school leader, join them.

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