Do the right thing and work together: Stephen Munday's personal invitation about CCOT Fellowship nominations; a free copy of Impact; his top book recommendations; and his intent with IT

Stephen Munday, Chief Executive of the Cam Academy Trust and President of the Chartered College of Teaching

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What a difference a couple of weeks make. A new PM, a new Secretary of State for Education and all the thermometers have melted.

Amid education’s concerns about Boris’ leadership and Gavin Williamson’s ability to keep the answers to his test hidden from his friends, I’m here to share a little positivity.

Plus - a personal invitation about Chartered College Fellowship nominations (from Stephen Munday himself), how you can get a free copy of Impact and a couple of his resources.

If you’ve not listened to his episode ‘Doing the right thing and working together’, then check out what people are saying. Links below.

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Stephen’s best bits

The We Are In Beta Newsletter is a positive space where we can all learn from each other. So, as usual, here are the best ‘In Beta’ bits that have come up via Stephen’s episode.

  1. His top book recommendations? He says:

    “Quite a few! Stephen Covey’s books about Principled Leadership, etc. are significant. I might say the book just published by Steve Munby, ‘Imperfect Leadership’. I have heard Steve talk on much of it over the years and it does much to sum up the sort of leadership that will serve our schools well.”

    It tickles me Stephen recommended books by two of his namesakes :)

  1. An internal Cam Academy Trust document that lays out their intentions for the IT strategy he talks about in his episode. As you’d expect, it has moral purpose baked in.

  2. His personal message about CCOT fellowship nominations:

    “Just tell them to join their professional body! If they want to be nominated to become a Fellow and meet the criteria then get in touch and I will arrange.”

  3. I also promised last week to include a message from the Membership Team at The Chartered College about how to get a free copy of Impact. So here it is:

    “If you sign up as a member of the Chartered College of Teaching by the 16th August you’ll receive next issue of our award winning, peer reviewed journal, Impact. The theme is arts, creativity and culture in the classroom. You’ll also receive all the other features of membership such as the worlds largest education and research database, CPD resources to download and deliver in your school and be awarded the letters MCCT after your name”

    Go to

That’s it for now.

Thanks for making education the place we all know it can be.

Thanks for reading!

Speak soon.


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