How to create a culture of absolute joy and support on the journey out of special measures - what people are saying; 'Leadership Non-Negotiables'; a must read book; the difference making programmes

Linda Emmett, Headteacher, All Saints Catholic College, Cheshire

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A quick update from me to share: some positivity, what people are saying about Linda Emmett’s We Are In Beta podcast interview and, at the bottom, some must see resources that have been pivotal to her journey.

If you’ve not listened to ‘How to create a culture of absolute joy and support on the Journey out of special measures’, then check out what people are saying. Links below.

Although this is a story of success, my favourite part is when she shares how she learned from one of her biggest mistakes. After all, we are all in beta!

She also shares how she’s been able to make a considerable investment in her team by securing funding and being clever about making it go further.

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Linda’s resources

The We Are In Beta Newsletter is a positive space where we can all learn from each other. So, as usual, here are the best ‘In Beta’ bits that have come up via Linda’s episode:

  1. The book that’s had the biggest influence on her career. Linda said this author “really helped me shape winning teams that are aligned to a vision, have strong morale purpose and work really well to enact rapid change.”

  2. All Saints’ Leadership Non-Negotiables. “As a leadership team we have a mutually written and agreed expectations document that details how we are in service of our staff.  This makes the expectations of visibility and support of others very clear”. Linda has generously agreed to share this internal document with anyone who’d like to access it.

  3. The Talented Leaders Programme that helped her secure £60,000 of funding, which she pooled with another headteacher on the programme to develop their middle leadership teams.

  4. The Leading Together Programme, which Linda praises in her interview and has helped guide the All Saints leadership team on their journey out of special measures. As it happens they are enjoying it right now as I type!

That’s it for now. Thanks for making education the place we all know it can be.

Speak soon.

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