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Will Mackintosh & Nat Nabarro (Ark John Keats); Thahmina Begum (Forest Gate Community School); and We Are In Beta Webinar Guests' resources

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This week we’re sharing how they’re recruiting online, improving outcomes (and sustaining them) by prioritising explicit direct instruction, and the documents that help them get their results.

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🎧 How to recruit online

Listen to Ark John Keats’ leaders share: the odd middle ground they trialed between remote and in person interviews, the things they noticed that make it difficult and how they ironed them out. They also discuss how they assess teaching and pastoral staff differently, the preparations you must not forget and why applying online is a gamble for teachers.

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🎥 Webinar: Thahmina Begum, Forest Gate Community School. Improving outcomes with explicit direct instruction

Forest Gate Community School is a school that has improved and sustained results year-on-year that are well-above average. Summer 2019 - achieving a P8 of 1.0 for all students and 0.89 for disadvantaged students, 64% gaining a strong pass in English and Maths and 62% entering EBacc.

Thahmina recognises that among the many facets of their remarkable improvement journey, how she introduced and embedded techniques of explicit direct instruction, has made the greatest difference to the success of the school.

Join us on our next webinar to find out how they did it and access the resources that have been key to their success.

📆 Tuesday 5th May 2020

🕡 6.00pm

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🌐 We Are In Beta Community News

“Are the slides for this presentation going to be made available afterwards?”

“Er. Yes. Absolutely. Just leave your email address with us at the end and we’ll send them round.”

But either you forget or the facilitators aren’t the quickest at following up.

Sound familiar?

After every We Are In Beta webinar, we post a list of resources and details about how to access them immediately afterwards. Here are some examples:

📎 “Recalibrating a School Culture”. Slide deck summarising The Duston School's ethos, behaviour system and curriculum principles (shared by Sam Strickland, Principal). Access here.

📎 “SLT Manifesto”. A list of non negotiable leadership behaviours, which Northampton Academy’s staff can hold them accountable to (shared by Nat Parnell, Principal). Access here.

📎 “What to dos”. The most specific guidance documents you have ever seen, which ensure clarity and consistency at Dixons Trinity Academy (shared by Emma Steele, Acting Principal). Access here.

📎 “Who Am I?” A leadership development activity designed by Aziza Ajak (Vice Principal, Goresbrook School) to help you and your team discover authentic leadership. Access here.

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