144 schools achieving +0.5 progress 8 for disadvantaged students; 10 steps to lead through chaos; 8 lessons learned from a positive covid test.

Hello everyone!

My plan this weekend was to get married. Alas, corona virus had better ideas. So instead of embarrassing myself on the dance floor, we’re spending the weekend away on the South Coast.

So we can enjoy every minute of it, I’ve kept the introduction this week short. In fact, I’ve cheated by borrowing some rather excellent words, so the intro writes itself.

They summarise this week perfectly.

“We have changed ALL routines & rituals; we have whole sale changed the school spaces; we changed times; we changed lunch; break times. Students have shown resilience & pragmatism. They have taken to it dutifully & with no fuss. People underestimate young people. They are amazing.” Exec Head, Allan Osborne.

Thanks, Allan, for making my job, and others’, a whole lot easier!

This week:

🔬Analysis: Which schools achieve +0.5 Progress 8 for disadvantaged students?

📰 Column: 10 Steps to Lead Through Chaos

📝 Article: 8 Lessons Learned from a Positive Case of Corona Virus

🔬 Top-performing secondary schools with high Progress 8 scores for disadvantaged students 2019

Top-performing secondary schools with high Progress 8 scores for disadvantaged students 2019

Last week I promised to share the research we’ve been doing behind the scenes. Wait no longer. Here it is.

Which schools do an incredible job with their disadvantaged students? What do they do? How do they do it? What do they have in common? Some of the questions we’ve been considering.

In this, the first of a four-part series, by our Head of Helpfulness, the awesome Frances Ling, we reveal the 144 schools, who achieved a Progress 8 score of +0.5 with their disadvantaged students.

Her seven observations from the data are fascinating. So good in fact, a grand fromage at Ofsted has been Tweeting about them.

Edu-data geekery this way

If you’re a serving school leader or teacher, access premium content like this for free, for a limited time only here. Soon this will be the only place you can access it.

📰 10 Steps to Lead Through Chaos

10 steps to lead through chaos

Is education is chaos? What does school leadership have in common with being a navy SEAL? When things do get tricky, what steps can we take to bring clarity at a time of confusion?

In his latest fortnightly column, George McMillan, Exec. Head at Harris Ockendon, shares his answers and guides you through ten steps that work for him. He even gives you a sneaky peak at his flip chart.

Let me see

If reflecting, learning and sharing is your thing, and you like doing it through your writing, while getting feedback before you publish, join our growing team of columnists. Email saar@weareinbeta.com.

📝 8 Lessons Learned from a Positive COVID Test

Positive Covid 19 Test - Lessons Learnt So Far

Our case was reported at midday on a Friday. We alerted the PHE Team immediately and received an initial call 20 minutes later and were then promised a full follow up risk assessment and next steps call that afternoon. The call never came.”

Will Teece, Head at Brookvale Groby Learning Campus, reveals what happened next and shares lessons learned from an experience I hope you don’t have to endure.

Hit the button below to read them and share your experiences.

Read + share lessons

Thanks for reading and playing your part in making education the place we all know it can be.

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