Can incremental coaching lead to a P8 of +1? Roadmap to renewal; Adopting edtech under pressure; What education can learn from industry

Ted Wragg Trust; Kiran Mahil (Central Foundation Girls School) & Hannah Dalton (UAE, Southbank); Christopher Harris (Spalding Grammar), and more.

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At times we thought we might not make it. But here we are, heading into the final full week of the academic year. A challenging year. An unforgettable year. A year that has made us all reflect on what’s important. And what’s possible.

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This week:

🎥 Webinar: Teacher CPD like no other! Investing in Incremental Coaching

🎧 Podcast: Roadmap to Renewal

💬 Live chat: Adopting EdTech under pressure

📰 Column: Getting Down to Business… Or Maybe Not

🎥 Ted Wragg Trust - Teacher CPD like no other! Investing in Incremental Coaching

How do you make sure every teacher gets individualised feedback? And that this feedback is the right feedback? Given at the right time? And acted upon to make a difference?

One way is engaging in incremental coaching (IC).

IC has had a significant role in transforming Ted Wragg’s pupil outcomes and moving from high-stakes observations to a weekly development coaching entitlement for all staff.

On taking All Saints CofE Academy out of Special Measures, Ofsted commended the impact of this work.

Based on a case study of the implementation of IC at Marine Academy Plymouth from September 2019 they may have seen a predicted P8 increase of +1.0 had 2020 exams not been cancelled.

Join us on our final webinar of this term to find out how they did it by making it a trust-wide priority and access the resources they use to implement the strategy.

📅 Tuesday 14th July

🕕 6pm

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🎧 Roadmap to Renewal

Obviously, things have changed a lot due to Covid-19, but what might not be obvious is how we’ll regain what we’ve lost over this period.

Kiran Mahil and friend Hannah Dalton, have designed a document, which helps schools to understand what has been lost and consider how they will respond.

It’s called the ‘Roadmap to Renewal’. In this episode - the last of this season - we talk about how it came to be and how it can help schools navigate the journey ahead.

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💬 Adopting EdTech under pressure

  • The current circumstances have been ideal for rapid roll-out of new technology.  How can we keep a mindset that extremely complex tasks can be done quickly?

  • How did your existing infrastructure cope?  Will the school VLE survive or will it be replaced by newer technologies?

  • Has the pandemic taught us that attitudes can change and could this lead to a major shift in teaching to a technology based approach?

  • Should it be an ambition to get a personal device accessible to every student in every school?  Is it even possible?

  • 2020 has demonstrated that the world has needed technology to keep businesses and economies surviving.  Could this technology capability start in school? Do we need a minimum expectation by the end of KS4?

Join us for “Team Up! Thursday” hosted by Christopher Harris (Head of Computer Science & ICT, Spalding Grammar School) who’ll be asking the questions and supporting you with your thoughts.

📅 Thursday 16th July

🕖 7pm

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📰 Getting Down to Business… Or Maybe Not

As you know, we believe there is a lot to be positive about in schools. But there is also much we can learn from industry. What are we not learning from industry that could really benefit us as a sector?

David Ellison (Executive Principal, United Learning) explores the answers in his first fortnightly column for We Are In Beta.

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