How to keep the complex simple; an offer from Greenshaw Learning Trust; what teachers think about online CPD

Izzy Ambrose, Will Smith, Ben Parnell (Greenshaw Learning Trust); Ruby Judge, Sahrifa Lee & Nikki Waite (various)

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This week:

🎥 Webinar: Keeping the complex simple: the Greenshaw Learning Trust model

🎧 Podcast: What do teachers say about online CPD?

🎥 Webinar: Keeping the complex simple: The Greenshaw Learning Trust Model

School improvement is hard. Far from being a linear trajectory, there are many twists and turns along the way.

With so many competing priorities, the risk is that complexity and a lack of clarity can limit the the chances of success.

The Greenshaw Learning Trust has achieved some remarkable turnarounds by keeping the complex simple.

Join 400+ attendees to learn what they prioritise across their schools and what that looked like in practice under Izzy Ambrose’s leadership at Yate Academy.

Attendees will also receive an exclusive invitation to access 12 months of Greenshaw school improvement support. This is one not pass up.

📆 Wednesday 17th June 2020

🕕 10.30am

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🎧 Podcast: What do teachers say about online CPD?

During lockdown, there's been a lot of online CPD happening. There's plenty of research about what good CPD and what good online learning looks like.

But we don’t often hear from the teachers and leaders who've been attending these sessions. What do they have to say? 

We spoke to three school leaders - Sharifah Lee , Ruby Judge and Nikki Waite - about their experience of attending over 145 (yes, that’s 145!!) online CPD sessions over the past few weeks.

Disclaimer: this is not science but hopefully it will be helpful for CPD leaders when designing and delivering online sessions over the coming weeks and months.

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