Jobs we're doing for you; what members think about schools 'reopening'; what you can learn from your community

Joe Ambrose (Greenshaw Learning Trust); David Sammels (Mayflower Community Academy); The We Are In Beta Team.

Hello everyone!

👊What a half term it has been. I hope you can all find some space this bank holiday weekend to reflect on a job well done. A job well done, amid very difficult circumstances.

🌐 The chances are, for many of you, this half term won’t be a normal break. That’s why the We Are In Beta Team is using its resources to support you. Read on to find out how.

👋 A very warm welcome, if you are one of our many new subscribers this week or you joined our latest webinar with the awesome Helen Ralston (Headteacher, The Rise School). It’s great to have you here!

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This week:

💬 WE ARE At Your Service Wednesday (live chat)

💬 Team Up Thursday - final decision about schools ‘reopening’ (live chat)

🎧 Podcast: connecting with your community

🎥 Webinars: we are taking a break over half term. Why not catch up before we resume via the archive below?

💬 WE ARE at your service Wednesday - Live chat

As a school leader, you have never been busier. Much of what you’re doing needs your complete focus. You alone can fulfil these responsibilities.

But there are tasks you could outsource, the outcomes of which will benefit other leaders too. Less urgent perhaps, but no less important.

Are you researching others’ policies? Comparing providers? Looking for funding? Doing some outreach?

Tell us what we can support you with and we’ll get the jobs done that benefit the most leaders.

Join us for our first weekly live chat, so we can lighten the load for you. Don’t worry, it’s a text chat not a Zoom call, so no need to change out of your civvies!

📅 Wednesday 27th May

🕓 4pm

We’ve collected a handful of suggestions from our community via the link the below.

Do you have a job on the list we can do for you?

See jobs + save my spot

💬 Team Up Thursday - Live chat: the final decision about schools ‘reopening’

The Government wants pupils to begin returning to primary schools from June 1st and for schools to begin offering some face to face support for year 10s and 12s by the same date.

But it's been reported they will only make the final decision about ‘reopening’ on 28th May.

Join us right after the Government’s briefing to get the thoughts and advice from your fellow school leaders about the announcement we *expect* them to make.

Joe Ambrose - School Improvement Lead, Greenshaw Learning Trust - will be asking the questions on your mind.

📅 Thursday 28th May

🕓 6pm

See questions + save my spot

🎧 Podcast: Connecting with your community

David Sammels, Headteacher at Mayflower Community Academy, is thinking about how his school can move from a ‘linear’ to a more ‘non-linear’ way of working.

In the latest episode, he shares: what that means and how the school is doing it; how this mindset has encouraged him and his team to be more daring in the way the they communicate with their community; and what they have learned from it.


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Thanks for reading and playing your part in making education the place we all know it can be.

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