QA'ing curriculum without deep dives; ranking students within grades; members' support

Sallie Stanton (Advantage Schools); Amit Hathi (Wembley High Technology College); Community Members (We Are In Beta)

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This week we share how schools are quality assuring curriculum without deep dives, a methodology to help you rank students within grades and a selection of ways members of the We Are In Beta Community are supporting each other.

🎥 Webinar: Sallie Stanton, Advantage Schools. Reviewing our review - challenges of curriculum QA

Schools have put in a significant amount of work over the past 12-18 months to consider and develop their curriculum offer.

Now this is in place, your mind moves to review and quality assurance, asking questions like:

  • What evidence do I use to evaluate if curriculum choices are the right ones and identify where it can be improved? 

  • How can I gather this evidence and produce good documentation for curriculum leaders, senior leaders, trust execs? 

  • And in doing so, how do I not add to workload and keep staff motivated and engaged in the process?

In our next webinar, find out how Sallie Stanton (Director of Education) and her team at Advantage Schools - the academy trust behind the highly-successful Bedford Free School (secondary) and Elstow School (primary) - are quality assuring their curriculum offer and using school closure as an opportunity to drive this forward.

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📆 Tuesday 12th May 2020

🕡 5.00pm

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🎧 Podcast: Ranking students within grades

With grades now collected by most schools and the deadline for submitting them, and their rank order, fast approaching (12th June for AQA and OCR - my birthday 😉), we spoke to Amit Hathi - Headteacher at Wembley High Technology College - about the methodology they have developed to rank students within grades.

He discusses the challenges associated with ranking across tiers, with large cohorts of students, early entry and teacher bias and how their methodology helps overcome them.

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🌐 We Are In Beta Community News

Over the past few weeks, to support and champion them, we’ve shared our members’ questions, articles, vacancies and webinar resources. This week, a selection of documents and ideas they’re sharing to support each other.

📎 Tips, ideas and advice for Transitions (various leaders: Mide Ola Said, Eleanor Bernades, Ed Vainker, Shonogh Reid, Will Mackintosh, Bradley David, Clare Fletcher, Christalla Jamil, David Ellison, Joanna Young).

📎 Risk assessment for EHCP and vulnerable children’ and ‘overview of our safeguarding process’ (Nicole Fowles - Headteacher, Colsehill Heath School).

📎 Action plan, guidance and spreadsheet to support centre assessed grades and ranking (Jonathan Mountstevens - Deputy Head, Beaumont School).

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