What AP can teach us about improving outcomes; transitions & inductions; pooling all 'reopening' docs in one place

Caron Johnson (The Rowans AP Academy); Emily Reynard (MEA Central); Community Members (We Are In Beta)

Hello everyone,

I simply cannot say it any better than Carly Waterman (Head, Lodge Park Academy):

“Sending huge love and respect to all those in Primary this weekend. Particularly to the Primary HTs who have been faced with impossible decisions. I think you’re all amazing.”

Enough said.

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This week:

🎥 Webinar: Building Belonging: what can we all learn from AP?

🎧 Podcast: How to do transitions and inductions

🌐 Community News: We Are at your service - what members asked us to help with and what we are doing about it.

🎥 Webinar: Caron Johnson, The Rowans AP Academy. Building Belonging: what can we all learn from AP?

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that togetherness is vital.

If many children continue to learn remotely, especially those who are shielding, we will all need work with parents more closely than ever.

When Caron Johnson arrived at what was then called Silverbank in 2009, there was no curriculum, no enrichment and incredibly low expectations.

Now The Rowans AP Academy is graded outstanding by Ofsted and achieves outcomes significantly higher than national average despite the local challenges of high deprivation, low aspirations and high exclusion rates.

It’s also leading the national conversation about how we serve the most vulnerable learners as part of The Difference programme.

Join us to find out how they’ve done it by building belonging using an ‘assets-based’ approach.

📆 Tuesday 2nd June 2020

🕕 6.00pm

Don’t miss the resources Caron will share with attendees.

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🎧 Podcast: Transitions, inductions and re-inductions

With the first cohorts of students returning to primary schools next week, you may well be thinking about how to reintroduce them to your school culture.

Here Emily Reynard, Head at MEA Central in Manchester, shares why transition is a priority for them and outlines the beliefs that underpin their approach.

We also discuss how they do transitions in a ‘militaristic but loving way’ using videos and how they overcome the unique challenges each year group presents.

While secondary focused, much of Emily’s approach is applicable to all phases.

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🌐 Community News: We Are at your service

On Wednesday 27th May we hosted our first ‘We Are at your service’ live chat. We asked you what you needed help with. Here's what we're doing about it.

Over the course of a 60 minute live text chat about ‘reopening’, We Are In Beta Members issued a rallying call loud and clear.

Schools, leaders and teachers are duplicating work up and down the country. They are making decisions with little to no guidance, no best practice examples and not enough joined up thinking.

So we have created a database for you to upload your ‘reopening’ docs in one place.

Just imagine how many hours of effort we would save and how much stress we would relieve if every one of you shared just one ‘reopening’ document.

Let’s work together, support each other and pool the resources we’ve created.

Count me in

Thanks for reading and playing your part in making education the place we all know it can be.

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