Which of these challenges have you tackled in schools?

Submit or nominate stories by Sunday 26th Jan 2020

Last weekend I posted to say we’re collecting and working on stories for Series 3 of the We Are In Beta podcast - out in the spring.

Thank you everyone who’s shared such incredible stories already. It means a huge amount to us be trusted to tell them.

If you’re a new to We Are In Beta and a serving school leader or teacher, who has a story to tell about an issue below, or know somebody who has, find out more about the why, the how and the what of We Are In Beta Series 3.

We’re proud to give schools the platform they deserve. To share the work they do. So others can learn from them. We always want the podcast to be community driven. Both in terms of what we discuss and who our guests are.

So, I want to ask you…

Which of these questions resonate with you or a colleague you know?

  • Gone through an Ofsted inspection you want others to learn from?

  • Introduced a no marking policy?

  • Rebuilt your curriculum & centralised planning?

  • Transformed outcomes via a reading programme? Or a numeracy programme? Oracy programme?

  • Led a school from inadequate to outstanding?

  • Really decreased workload?

  • Become truly research/evidence informed?

  • Changed attitudes to and appetite for CPD?

  • Transformed T&L?

  • Run an innovative exams season?

  • Turned around school finances?

  • Been through it all to win significant amounts of funding?

  • Designed a system to manage online bullying?

  • Looked again at how you teach sex & relationships?

  • Taken a preventative approach & worked with authorities and police around youth violence?

  • Done special things with safeguarding? And pastoral provision?

  • Focused on supporting students with specific aspect of SEND?

  • Delivered on your inclusion, diversity & representation promise?

  • Worked with parents & community differently to achieve something special?

  • Battled personal circumstances with the full support of your school?

  • Tackled difficult professional conversations & relationships?

  • Been on a coaching journey?

  • Designed your SLT meetings in a truly unique way to tackle high priorities?

  • Invested in staff surveys to serve staff better?

  • Thought differently about the way you recruit?

  • Mastered the interview process?

  • Changed careers to become a teacher?

  • Use ed-tech successfully?

  • Led a school that gets criticism from the education community?

  • Started a brand new school?

  • Dismantled the stereotype of the struggling coastal / rural school?

  • Become a headteacher too soon?

  • Learned how to be a MAT CEO before anybody knew what a CEO was?

  • Been a better 2nd generation CEO because pioneers before you forged a path?

  • Been involved in a school takeover / MAT acquisition?

  • Grown a teaching school alliance to financial sustainability and significant impact?

  • Worked with another school on a big project?

  • Prioritised the arts?

  • Brought in school dogs to help students?

  • Made impactful school trips happen on a limited budget?

Another issue we’ve missed out that you’d like to hear or talk about?

These are just some ideas. Let us know if you have others.

Who tackled it? How was it done?

Let us know by 26th January 2020 - Sunday evening.

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