Hello. I am @NiallAlcock. I’m a former school leader, teacher trainer and school governor.

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What is We Are In Beta?

Speaking to inspiring teachers and school leaders across the UK over the past couple of years, I’ve seen first hand the sheer amount of resilience, entrepreneurialism, creativity, and passion that is being thrown at the challenges being faced by schools.

The more I’ve spoken to these incredible people, the more I’ve realised that they rarely get a platform to share these approaches and we’re all missing out from them.

So, with the support Teach First, the Young Foundation and Super Being Labs we’re creating We Are In Beta. A positive space where we can all learn and grow from each other.

We’re doing it through telling positive stories of teachers and senior leaders, who are solving big challenges in their schools. Through our stories and interviews, we want to spark conversations about challenges and solutions. We want to build bridges with parents and policymakers and make education the place we all want it to be.

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Who am I?

I’m a former school leader, teacher trainer and school governor. I love learning. I love hearing about what others are learning. I love helping others to learn. Times are tough in schools but I believe the answers are within us. There is so much expertise and knowledge locked in the system that we don’t get to hear about. Join me as I learn how to best share it with you here.

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What else can you expect?

  • Positivity. Schools, teachers and leaders get a hard time these days. The solutions are within us. I’ll find them and share them with you.

  • Growth. I am fascinated by leaders’ ‘whys’, but I also love to dig into the ‘hows’, so we can all learn from them.

  • Community. A group of like mind teachers, leaders and educationalists, who want to share and learn from each other. Want to share your news? Let me know here.

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It’s great way to get the message about your school out there. It's helped schools discover organisations they can work with and started school to school partnerships. It's even been used to drive discussion at school book clubs.

But most powerfully, it’s helping guests recruit by inspiring listeners to apply to work for them! If you have a personal, practical and positive story tell on the podcast, get in touch.

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