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Claire Cuthbert - CEO, Evolve Trust - shares her essential research, influential books, Gender Pay Gap Report, Culture Deck and staff reading list

If you’re a new subscriber or haven’t listened to how Claire Cuthbert - CEO, Evolve Trust - used discrimination she suffered in the past to inspire a future of change…

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What’s in store today?

  • What you’ve been kind enough say about the latest episode.

  • The best ‘In Beta’ bits - the essential resources that have come up via Claire’s story including the Evolve Trust Gender Pay Gap Report & Action Plan and their radically candid Culture Deck.

What have people been saying?

Check out Claire’s story

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The best ‘In Beta’ bits

As promised last week, and with a big thank you to Claire and Dawn, here are the resources that have come up via Claire’s story and some others, which have influenced her journey significantly (and her thoughts about them):

  1. Favourite piece of research…

    “I must confess to being a bit of a Hendrick and Macpherson fan, with their 2017 book “What Does This Look Like In The Classroom: Bridging The Gap Between Research And Practice”

    Read it here.

  2. The book that's had the biggest impact on her career…

    “I think the one book that's had the biggest impact on me personally is the ‘The Beauty Myth’ by Naomi Wolf.

    “This is not an education book but is a book about females in a male dominated world and after reading it I felt empowered and it is a book that has stayed with me years after reading it.”

    Read it here.

  3. The Evolve Trust Culture Deck that featured in the episode…

    …which sets out how they work. It also calls out the people they do, and perhaps more interestingly, considering the state of teacher recruitment today, the people they don’t want to work with.

    An exert:

    “Our culture is the values and standards we work and live by. Yes, we do have cool pin badges and reward our staff, but those things do not define our culture. Our people do.”

    The screen shot above is taken from the full document here.

  4. The Evolve Trust Gender Pay Gap Report and Action Plan…

    …which sets out, with complete and utter transparence, how they calculate the gender pay gap, the status quo within the trust, how they pay staff and what they are doing about it. The last point starts by asking: “What is key to reducing the gender pay gap in the Education Sector and The Evolve Trust?”

    Read it here.

  5. The Evolve Trust-wide Reading Days…

    ..where staff get time off work to read widely to inform their practice.

    Here’s what Claire said about them in the episode:

    “And when you come back, I follow that up in the line management meeting: ‘What did you read? What did you learn? What part of your practice will you change as a result of reading that?”

    The Evolve Trust has a research library they call ‘BookFlix’ here.

    Reading Claire recommended when I interviewed her included

    • Radical Candour by Kim Scott who draws directly on her experiences at cutting edge companies to reveal a new approach to effective management that delivers huge success by inspiring teams to work better together by embracing fierce conversations.

    • The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle who draws on cutting-edge research to reveal that, far from being some abstract mystical power fixed at birth, ability really can be created and nurtured.

    • work by Andreas Schleicher of the OECD.

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