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Believe it or not, amid all the electioneering - questionable or otherwise - there IS a lot to be positive about. Especially, in education. It takes some looking for but it is there. In fact, it’s right here - the We Are In Beta Community News. So, take a break from it all and enjoy.

If you’re a new subscriber, I’ve been running this as part of the podcast release posts and the podcast resources posts. But as promised last week, I’m still trialing it as its own post to make it a bit more digestible. All feedback welcome. If you want more or less of something, just let me know.

What you are up to—positivity and growth from the We Are In Beta community

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So, I want share the great stuff you’re doing as a thank you.

This week I’ve organised along a few themes for ease. Helpful?

Events and training

Joe Ambrose - alongside Oliver Caviglioli and Daisy Christodolou - will be running free teaching and learning masterclasses. He’ll presenting Strengths-based Leadership within schools using the 16 personalities leadership model. 9th December - tickets here.

Georgia Brown is offering a new teacher-to-teacher mentoring service in the Fenland and East Cambridgeshire Opportunity Area to improve teacher retention and equip Qualified Teacher mentors with the skills they need to support trainee teachers, RQTs and NQTs.

Emma Sheppard has fully-funded Accreditation places left for teachers in the North West of England. Learn more and share this highly flexible CPD opportunity. Catch up on her We Are In Beta Podcast here.

Jonny Walker is creating projects which develop self-expression, self-belief and self-understanding. He and his team provide experiences that enable young people to step outside of themselves, and to see things differently.

Madeleine XFB is speaking at a WomenEd event in Harrow focusing on Flexible working.

Chris Hilldrew and Joanne Gill are running a Chartered College Event at Churchill Academy - The Science of Learning, and its implementation in a curriculum. 3rd December 2019. Password here.

Caroline Barlow hosts Amjad Ali and others On Friday 29th November for some collaborative East Sussex CPD.

James Pope, Verity Cane and Rosie Leonard Kane invite you to the 10th Annual Whole Education conference. 29th January 2020.

Claire Stafford invites you to the Transform TSA Early Career Framework: Primary Experience Day. 4th December 2019.

Rob Carpenter has a few places left on the Art in a Global Curriculum Programme, which starts on 11th December. Catch up on his We Are In Beta interview here.

BAMEed Network are running their 3rd birthday conference: Keeping Resolutions. Jan 18th 2020. Tickets here.

Several We Are In Beta guests (and one host) are presenting or speaking at Diverse Educators III - celebrating and showcasing of diversity, equality and inclusion in education.

Jeremy Hannay invites you to Thee Bridges’ Leadership Series programme beginning 8th December 2019. Catch up on his We Are In Beta interview here.

To read, watch and listen

Elly Chapple pledges to the #flipthenarrative when she delivers this deeply personal, moving and challenging TEDxNorwichED talk.

Nina Jackson has written and contributed to a range of books on teaching and learning.

Mary Myatt argues the solutions to overcoming achievement barriers lie in understanding the curriculum and in what children are meant to know in her book.

Jill Berry explores how you can get the best out of yourself in this #TEDxNorwichED talk.

Jazz Ampaw-Farr will have you in tears with her TEDxNorwichEd: The Power of Everyday Heroes.

Penny Rabiger explains why she is excited to be engaging meaningfully in Ofsted’s focus on equality and how what she and her team are working on is making a difference.

Cath Murray explains when schools are allowed to send their pupils to alternative provision.

Anita Kerwin-Nye appeals to charities: “Please stop talking about ‘hard to reach people’. Admit that you are a ‘hard to access organisation’.” Useful for schools too maybe.

Cassie Young writes this blog with strategies that she uses across the school for the inclusion of SEN pupils.

Mark Enser suggests 4 key questions that you might like to consider when planning your curriculum.

Pran Patel argues that to develop your own guidance, leaders should dedicate time to themselves and suggests some seemingly self-indulgent questions you can ask yourself.

Ed Vainker’s school, Reach Feltham, stars in this moving documentary. Catch up on his We Are In Beta podcast here.

Andy VT has been running his own podcast that asks: 'What terms, paradigms, systems or practices would you banish from education?

Jackie Ahern has founded ‘Research to Empower Educational Leaders’. An organisation open to all people within the education sector. A platform for discussion, learning and development.

Rae Snape featured in Centre for Educational Neuroscience where she explores her values and some examples of how a scientific approach to education has helped her school.


Kiran Kill and Sarah Worth are recruiting for The Difference Leaders programme: a two year programme designed to train the next generation of school leaders, specialists in improving outcomes for the most vulnerable children.

Joe Treacy is recruiting for roles in teacher development, programme delivery, and fundraising & business development.

Kat Howard invites you to join her team of Regional Advocates in over 30 regions nationwide, planning and running annual, subject-specific events for English teachers at Lit Drive.

Will Smith is looking for an experienced, committed and enthusiastic Deputy Headteacher at Brakenhale School and other subject specialists too. He and his trust - Greenshaw - are also proposing new schools at Rosehill Recreation Ground in Sutton. Catch up on his We Are In Beta interview here.


Jame Pope (2 for you this week!) knows what the ‘heat of our pressure cauldron system’ feels like. He offers support for Headteachers - past, Present and Future. If you need someone to talk to make sure you get in touch.

Angie Browne has created this resource for school leaders to manage to-do-lists and work load with grace and ease. She also has her own podcast which dives into ethical leadership in education.

Recognition and awards

Ben Parnell’s schools aren’t just about incredible progress 8 scores - Five Acres High and Yate Academy have both been awarded ‘Schools of Character’ kitemark. More information on the award here.

Sue Blythe has been picking up awards while spreading happiness.

Jonny Uttley is celebrating that Yorkshire Wolds Teacher Training ITE Partnership (led by The Education Alliance Trust) has been judged Outstanding. His blog is worth reading too where he explores Trust leadership and the ethics of it.

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Thanks for playing your part in making education the place we all know it can be.

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