Unconditional Positive Regard. Dave Whitaker & Luke Mitchell - Wellspring Academy Trust


Deborah Firat - a parent and school governor - has seen first hand the difference it makes when teachers approach their pupils with unconditional positive regard.

Her son Zack has autism and although he went to a good mainstream school, it didn’t have the tools to maximise his potential.

Dave Whitaker (Director of Learning at the Wellspring Academy Trust) and Luke Mitchell (Head of Behaviour Support) share what they’ve learned from years of experience and some guiding principles about how to support the most vulnerable learners.

Dave, Luke and the staff at Springwell Special Academy are changing lives - Deborah’s, Zach’s and the many others’ at the school; and it comes back to unconditional positive regard.

(Dave Whittaker-Director of Learning at the Wellspring Academy Trust)

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