Dec 22, 2019 • 26M

White Ally. Patrick Ottley O'Connor, Exec. Principal, North Liverpool Academy & Pran Patel, teacher and equity activist

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Happy holidays, everyone!

This is the second of two episodes today. If you haven’t already, listen to the first here. It’s also the final episode of 2019. And of Series 2! Thank you so much for listening!

Picking up from the last episode on BAME leadership, 'Critical Mass' featuring Allana Gay, we’re talking about what it means to be a good ally to your BAME colleagues, what the purpose is and what it looks like when it’s not easy.

We speak to Patrick Ottley O’Connor - Executive Principal, North Liverpool Academy - and Allana Gay again about what they’ve done and would like to see done to promote an equitable education system for people from all backgrounds.

We also hear from Pran Patel, teacher and equity activist, who teaches us about power, the racist/anti-racist spectrum and gives his advice about how to be an ally.

While this episode is about being an ally to your BAME colleagues the principle can be applied more widely to all aspects of diversity.

(Patrick Ottley O’Connor - Executive Principal, North Liverpool Academy)

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(Pran Patel, teacher and equity activist)

The best ‘In Beta’ bits

Every episode, I curate practical strategies and solutions to the challenges guests face so you can learn from them.

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Patrick shares:

  1. The book given to him by a visitor that ignited a passion in him to help to address the significant issues of racism and inequality in Bradford at the time.

  2. The contents of a private DM group that he set up with friends and colleagues to ask how to be the best ally he can be and prepare for this podcast.

Pran shares:

  1. His favourite piece of research and why

  2. An anti racist reading list he has compiled on his website

There will also be an infographic about how to be a good ally and links to the BAMEed Network’s upcoming conference in Jan 2020.

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