Dec 22, 2019 • 31M

Critical Mass. Allana Gay - Headteacher, Vita Et Pax Preparatory School

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The We Are In Beta Podcast captures the learnings of incredible school leaders to inspire the profession. It explores their journeys, their thoughts on the big issues, addresses the questions on their minds and their predictions for the future.
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This is an episode on BAME leadership in education. The first of a double bill today.

The Swan Report (1985) and a recent report by the Runnymede Trust (2017) note that BAME educators have more difficulty progressing to leadership in the English education system.

We went out to hear some stories from BAME leaders about what it was like for them getting to their position…but we made a mistake.

Listen to learn what it was and what we did about it.

This week, Allana Gay, Headteacher at Vita Et Pax Preparatory School, tells us about her upbringing, her journey to leadership and a striking parallel between the two.

She also shares her advice, which takes us straight into the final episode of Series 2 on White Allyship, which is available right now wherever you get your podcasts.

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