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What you are up to—positivity from the We Are In Beta community

The podcast would be nothing without you listening and tweeting about it. So, I want share the great stuff you’re doing as a thank you.

Will Mackintosh is recruiting for teachers of Art and Computer Science, Primary Head of Humanities and Specialist Teacher for KS2 Flexible working and PT considered.

Rachael Warwick and Dr Paddy Shevlin are keynote speakers at the upcoming #ASCLNI2019 ASCL Northern Ireland Conference. 29th November.

Elroy Cahill’s school has been judged as Good in all areas by Ofsted; the first time since opening as an academy in 2013. Congratulations! Catch up on Elroy’s We Are In Beta episode here.

Lucinda Powell and Hannah Wilson run the Oxfordshire Mental Health and Wellbeing Newsletter. Sign up here for events, training and advice.

Anita Kerwin-Nye is campaigning to ensure all children can access a rich and rounded set of experiences by the time they are 18. Read the latest issue of her newsletter here.

BAMEed Network are running their 3rd birthday conference: Keeping Resolutions. Jan 18th 2020. Tickets here.

Hannah Wilson is convening Diverse Educators III - celebrating and showcasing of diversity, equality and inclusion in education. Catch up on her We Are In Beta interview here.

Josie Mingay shares 10 questions to ask your leaders as she reflects on a talk given by Matthew Syed.

Cath Murray urges you to go to Excluded - a theatre production that delves into the lives of young people in education and holds a mirror up to unearth some of the issues affecting them today.

Sonia Thompson is calling all Maths teachers to hear Craig Barton’s practical advice on evidence-based maths teaching and has launched the St. Matthew’s C.E. Research and Teaching School newsletter. Subscribe here for their resources, research and opportunities.

Lyndsey Caldwell invites you to look at curriculum provision and what this looks like in the classroom and on the page at Cherwell School. 28th November.

Dame Sue John is running a new national programme run by schools for schools challenging the link between poverty and poor outcomes.

Reuben Moore writes about how we can help novices to become experts in ‘10 things every teacher educator should know’.

Sue Plant and Lisa Farmer have had their flexible working stories featured by the Chartered College of Teaching in their collection of case studies.

Jeremy Hannay invites you to Thee Bridges’ Leadership Series programme beginning 8th December 2019. Catch up on his We Are In Beta interview here.

Kiran Gill is looking for new recruits to become school leader specialists in improving outcomes for the most vulnerable learners. Apply here.

Kim Reuter and Lucy Anderson are accepting partner schools for their January pilot of a new, evidence-based peer-support programme for primary school students: participants will develop reading skills as well as nine key social and emotional skills.

Lindsay Patience and Lucy Rose are offering an advice clinic for anyone looking to find out more about flexible working. 11th January 2019.

Chloe Cawthorne wants to raise the profile of the EYFS and plan activities to empower & support teachers by running the Greater Depth Network teach meet. 28 November 2019.

Chris Jones is running a masterclass focusing on strategic school spending at the Confederation of School Trusts; solving the conundrum by looking at the 80% not the 20% of school spending. Jan 23rd 2020.

Pran Patel writes about how teachers can claim up to £700 of tax back and how you can use your privilege for good.

Emma Sheppard and Sarah Mullin invite you to hear about the CPD that Sarah and other local teachers have completed around their new babies, share tips and inspirational ideas and hear updates about The MTPT project accreditation and events in the region.

Chris Hilldrew and Joanne Gill are running a Chartered College Event at Churchill Academy - The Science of Learning, and its implementation in a curriculum. 3rd December 2019. Password here.

Emma Turner - a teacher and school leader - writes about parents’ evening from a parents perspective.

Jill Berry writes about how you can manage email to make your personal and professional life calmer and less stressful.

Hinal Bhudia invites you to #WomenEd Harrow, London. Flexible thinking, Flexible leadership. 26th November.

Kat Howard writes about why she doesn’t work from home.

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