Resources for 'Call To Action: Whole School Behaviour Change'

Leann Swaine's essential: leadership change model; education research; career defining book; service she couldn't do without; EBS awards

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What’s in store today? Thee simple sections: 1. What you’ve been saying about the latest episode. 2. The essential resources that Leann mentioned in the story. 3 The community news section.

If you haven’t listened yet, learn how Leann Swaine led whole school behaviour change here.

What have people been saying?

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The best ‘In Beta’ bits

As promised last week, and with a big thank you to Leann, here are the resources she mentioned in her episode and some others, which have influenced her journey significantly (and her thoughts about them).

  1. The slides she used to communicate the big change initiative to her staff and students.


  2. The leadership model she uses to help plan any organisational change:

    The Switch Model (Heath and Heath) I discuss in the podcast is great for leading organisational change as it reduces your risk of failure by ensuring that all bases are covered.”

    Leann’s slides that break down the model and tell East Barnet’s story are here and the book beneath them here.

  3. Her favourite educational research:

    “Rosenshine is a simple yet effective guide to great teaching.  In particular, I’m keen on the sections pertaining to knowledge recall and regular practice, which is something I have believed in for years.  I am still able to recite sections of my notes from my own GCSE Business Studies lessons due to way the teacher insisted on regular knowledge review and the information is now in my long term memory.”

    Book here. Free pdf here.

  4. The book that’s had the biggest impact on her career:

    Bounce by Matthew Syed was given to me eight years ago by a student.  It changed the way I think, teach and lead.  The book inspired me to provide the perfect conditions for learning for all students so that all students can succeed.  It’s given me the impetus to create my own conditions; low anxiety, high standards, great feedback and intrinsic motivation.  If we can achieve all those things, all students can excel.”

  5. The one service she couldn’t do without:

    By Leaders, For Leaders - an organisation which brings together Leaders for free CPD.  Being part of this network has linked me up with local and national Headteachers who have provided a source of support and inspiration.”

  6. The national award Steve Sadler from EBS’s Robotics Department won recently:

    Leann was keen to share that EBS is not just a ‘phone free school’, and rightly so. It ‘s about much more than that. We learned one reason why, when we met Stephen Sadler who won Digital Innovator of the year at the 2019 Pearson Teaching Awards.

    Read EBS announcement here. Watch BB2’s coverage here.

    Watch this EBS robotics student’s video of their amphibious water pollution removal robot. It’s insane!

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What you are up to—positivity from the We Are In Beta community

Here’s what We Are In Beta listeners and subscribers are up to…

Will Mackintosh is recruiting art, science and computer science teachers for his growing, outstanding school in Enfield.

Emma Turner is running #NewEd - ‘joyful CPD for early career teachers’. November 2nd.

Evelyn Forde has been featured in the Guardian asking: what makes people think a black woman can’t be a headteacher? Catch up on her We Are In Beta interview here.

Ed Vainker and Jon Hutchinson invite you to learn about their Reach Out Curriculum. November 5th.

BAMEed Network are running their 3rd birthday conference: Keeping Resolutions. Jan 18th 2020. Tickets here.

Lisa Farmer wants you to know about the Shared Headship Network who unite talent leaders to progress to job share headship. You’ll learn lots about both of them in our next episode ;)

Lindsay Patience has been working with the DfE to produce positive case studies and practical advice on flexible working in schools.

Adrian Bethune is giving away a free chapter on the science of kindness from his award winning book 'Wellbeing In the Primary Classroom'.

Amanda Seyderhelm has written a book to help teachers help children cope with loss and change.

Emily Edge is working on a solution to happier, healthier and more fulfilled pupils with Evolve Impact and hiring mentors.

Nick Burnett is helping you stay touch with the Emerging Futures of Education through a range of horizon scanning products and services via LearnTech Lab.

Steve Waters has a customisable programme called the Teach Well Toolkit, enabling a wellbeing lead to implement a whole-school culture of staff wellbeing and mental health - The Teach Well Alliance.

@SLTchat ran a twitter chat on phones in schools. Tweets here. Collection of articles on phones in schools here.

Niall Alcock ;) is recruiting a empathetic, curious, values-driven, story-finding, relationship-building, educationalist who'd like to help grow the #weareinbeta community so we can champion more schools & share more positivity and growth.

More next time.

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