Elroy Cahill, Headteacher, Kingsley Academy - leadership coaching and live lesson coaching


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I am very excited to release episode #2 of the We Are In Beta Podcast. Thank you to all you shared the episode and joined the conversation on Twitter.

In this episode I speak to Elroy Cahill, the newly appointed headteacher at Kingsley Academy in Hounslow.

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Why are people loving this episode?

What do we talk about in the podcast?

  • How one teacher transformed Elroy’s view on education when he was going down the wrong road

  • What he thinks would be a grave error in relation to the new Ofsted framework

  • What Ofsted should do in circumstances of inappropriate off-rolling

  • Why he thinks morally driven leadership is important

  • Why is he thinks coaching is so important and where best to access it, often for free

  • His initial scepticism about a pilot project that has been having a huge impact on teacher development

  • How to set up live lesson coaching effectively

  • The one question he would ask every headteacher is he could

  • How the worlds of Lego and Ofsted can collide

  • How recent education documentaries could influence the electorate and shape the future of education.

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