Nov 3, 2019 • 41M

Two heads are better than one - Lisa Farmer, Co-Headteacher, Thomas Russell Infants School, Emma Sheppard - MTPT Project, The Shared Headship Network

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Niall Alcock
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This week.

Lisa Farmer had finally got her dream job as a headteacher. Soon after being given the job she discovered she was pregnant. Lisa and her husband were elated but she thought people expected her to step down from her new role.

With no intention of doing so, Lisa began looking into flexible working options. She was looking for a co-headteacher to share the role with. But this was over a decade ago, before more case studies were available. So Lisa had to learn through trial and error...

Want to know what happens?

Tune in to find out. And to hear from the leaders who are changing the way schools structure working patterns: lead teacher - and founder of The Maternity Teacher Paternity Teacher Project - Emma Sheppard, and the co-founders of the Shared Headship Network: Amy Brookes, Catriona Jenkins, Hannah Turbet and Lucy O'Healan.

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Next week, Lisa, Emma and the Shared Headship Network share:

  1. The research and evidence that underpin their missions.

  2. The books that have influenced their careers.

  3. The services they couldn’t do without.

  4. The advice they give to all teachers about flexible working and co-headship.

  5. The statutory guidance and legal rights you should know.

  6. The questions you can ask your school leaders if you face some resistance to making work more flexible.

(Emma Sheppard, MTPTP Project)

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