Resources - 'White Ally'

Patrick Ottley O'Connor & Pran Patel: the DM group Patrick set up & recommended resources on how to be an ally

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This - your regular, midweek episode resources follow up - is the last newsletter from Series 2 of the We Are In Beta Podcast. But the first of many in 2020.

There won’t be any *new* episodes until the Spring, while we research and record stories for Series 3.

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Until then, if you haven’t already, catch up on the second part of our recent double bill on BAME leadership in education and check out the best ‘In Beta’ bits from the episode below.

🎧 Listen to ‘White Ally’ here.

Patrick Ottley O’Connor - Executive Principal, North Liverpool Academy- shares his journey to becoming a White Ally for his BAME colleagues. Allana Gay, who told her story in the first episode of this double bill, shares what needs to be done to improve diversity and representation in schools and why. Pran Patel, encourages us to look at race and ethnicity through a different lens.

What’s in store this week?

  • What you’ve been saying about their episode

  • The best ‘In Beta’ bits - key resources that have come up via their episode - at the bottom of this post

What have people been saying?

Check out Patrick’s & Pran’s story

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The best ‘In Beta’ bits

As promised, and with a big thank you to Patrick, Pran and others, here are the resources (and their thoughts about them) that have come up via their story and some others, which have influenced their journey significantly:

Patrick Ottley O’Connor

  1. The DM group Patrick set up to…

    …to ask how to best be an ally for BAME colleagues in preparation for the podcast.

“I reached out to members of the @BAMEedNetwork including @MrPranPatel, @ASTaupportAAli, @AllanaG13, @AbdulChohan, @Penny_Ten, @RrUnsworth. All welcomed my support as an ally and the notion of recording the podcast to promote and encourage allyship from others.”

“All provided advice on what they wanted from an ally & signposted me to a range of other resources.”

Here’s a list of the resources shared by members of the DM group:

  1. An infographic about how to be an ally.

Adapted from a tweet thread by Dr Munda Abdi, the BAMEed Network created an infographic with 10 ways you can be an ally.

Read it here.

Pran Patel

  1. His favourite piece of research…

    “... oooh so many.... “

    “But literature-wise: The Color of Supremacy: Beyond the discourse of ‘white privilege’ by Zeus Leonardo.”

    “Why? because it frames privilege on the wider scale.”

    Read it here.

  2. His suggested reading list…

    “There is a reading list on my website - Akala’s book ‘Natives’ talks through a UK experience - but a great book to start with is ‘White Fragility’ - it’s tough reading but I certainly had some ‘oh yeah’ moments. Ibram X. Kendi’s book ‘How to Be an Antiracist’ is also a great starter read.”

    See the whole list here.

If you found this collection of resources useful and thought of someone who would too, hit the button below to share it with them and encourage them to sign up.


Thanks for playing your part in making education the place we all know it can be.

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