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Community and Connection. Manny Botwe - Headteacher Tytherington School

Community and Connection. Manny Botwe - Headteacher Tytherington School

The countdown to Christmas begins. But before you put on that Christmas megamix on repeat, listen to this week’s We Are In Beta podcast!

Progress 8. Grades 9-4. Ofsted. RSCs.

In the current accountability climate in schools, it can be easy to forget that students and their education are about more than numbers.

But at what cost? What opportunities are we missing to connect? To create an important sense of community?

When he was a student, Manny Botwe had a teacher with whom he shared a great relationship. This teacher took an interest in him and his activities outside school.

But when Manny got into trouble, he was there to have an important conversation with him. A conversation that had a profound effect on him and shaped the leader he is today.

Now, as the Headteacher of Tytherington School in Macclesfield, he remembers the impact taking interest in students as whole - beyond their academic performance - can have.

 This week we learn how Manny Botwe has reversed trends of poor results, falling roll, huge staff turnover and financial deficit by...

...creating a sense of connection and community.

We also learn how an event makes Manny completely reconsider Tytherington’s role in the community and his role as a leader altogether.

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(Manny’s family in Ghana before moving to the UK. A photo that holds real significance to the way he builds community and connection at Tytherington)

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We Are In Beta Newsletter
We Are In Beta Podcast
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