May 12, 2019 • 47M

Clare Rees, Headteacher, Havelock Primary School - How to build trust in schools by creating a coaching culture

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Niall Alcock
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It’s such a pleasure to see more and more you wanting to tune in to learn from inspiring school leaders like my guest this week, Clare Rees, Headteacher at Havelock Primary School.

Clare has spent the last three years asking some big questions:

  • How do you develop trust to move a school forward?

  • How do you develop an openness that sometimes isn’t there?

  • How do you develop a new style of leadership?

Not easy to answer, especially when you’re you are doing a research doctorate as well as your full-time headteacher role.

Clare is a phenomenal leader. I’m really excited to release Episode #6 of the We Are In Beta Podcast. She shares how she built trust in her school by creating a coaching culture.

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What do we talk about in the podcast?

  • Why it’s her ‘grandmother’s fault’ she became a teacher

  • The advice her colleague gave her that she ignored

  • Why she didn’t believe she could do a doctorate but took it on anyway

  • How, over the course of three years, she gradually implemented and embedded a coaching culture

  • The difficulties she and her team faced and how she overcame them

  • What you need to get in place that makes building trust surprisingly easy

  • Why looking to hospitals could help solve teacher retention

  • What we need to do that will help teachers exceed all performance goals

  • The problem they face when implementing a zero-tolerance behaviour policy and what they did to make it disappear

  • How good behaviour for learning helps them to balance the books

  • The one question she could ask every headteacher if she could

  • Why she is optimistic about the future of education

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