We Are In Beta Series 2: trailer & sneak peek


As promised, I’m super excited to share the trailer for Series 2 of the We Are In Beta Podcast and a sneak peak at what to expect.

Last series, I asked each school leader how they were tackling a range of problems in their schools.

This series, in each episode, we’re taking a deeper look at powerful stories beneath the big topics in education.

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So what’s coming up in the series?

Each week, we’ll be telling the positive, practical and often very personal story of an inspiring school leader, who is tackling a specific challenge in schools.

You’ll learn how they are:

  • driving organisational behaviour change

  • breaking new ground in co-headship

  • building schools from the ground up with flexible working in mind

  • understanding what student behaviour is really communicating in PRUs

  • meeting students' needs through unconditional positive regard in special schools

  • building transformational school cultures and communities through traditions

  • using experiences of sexism to design robust recruitment processes

  • promoting gender equality as a HeForShe advocate

  • improving BAME leadership, representation and diversity

  • providing allyship to support under represented groups

Featuring appearances from the incredible:

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Thanks for reading.

Thanks for making education the place we all know it can be.



Here’s the last word from Headteacher, Ben Layzell.

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