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Rather than talk about THAT article and THOSE comments by Sir Andrew Carter about flexible working, I want to dedicate this Community News round up to teacher, listener and subscriber - Judy Baird.

We met recently after she tweeted about the first ever episode of WeAreInBeta featuring Rob Carpenter - CEO, Inspire Partnership.

We joked about our total confusion as to why anyone would start anything - Netflix series, podcasts or otherwise - from anywhere but the beginning.

I then set her a challenge that, if I’m honest, I didn’t think she’d accept.

I also offered a prize I only dreamed someone would claim one day.

To my surprise and delight, she accepted!

Not only did she accept, she bossed the challenge.

Here’s her final tweet:

I’m truly humbled, honoured and impressed, Judy. Thank you. So. Much. 🙏

Oh, about the prize, Judy… roll on series 2?!

What you are up to—positivity and growth from the We Are In Beta community

If you’re a new subscriber, the We Are In Beta Community News is my way of saying thank you to everyone who subscribes, listens and shares the podcast by sharing the positive and helpful stuff you’re up to.

This is what you’ve been up to recently…

Events and training

Lindsay Patience (part 1) and Lucy Rose are offering free CPD for teachers and leaders looking for work more flexibly hosted by Reach Academy Feltham. Tuesday 7th Jan 2020. Catch up on their podcast here.

James Pope invites you to the 10th Annual Whole Education conference. 29th January 2020. Tickets almost gone.

Gareth Morewood and Elly Chapple are speaking at the Barking and Dagenham School Improvement SEND Conference: A Vision for Creative, Strategic Leadership of Inclusion. 11th December 2019.

Gareth is also explaining how young people with ADHD need not experience very poor outcomes through effective joint working. Friday 24th January 2020.

Kiran Gill and Reuben Moore will be answering the question: “Do new solutions need new leaders?” At the one of the Big Education Dialogues. 11the December 2019.

Will Smith is hosting a morning with like-minded educational leaders, inspirational speakers, and great coffee + cake talking about: changing the conversations; coaching teachers, metacognition, reading 2.0, creating inevitable success; the new schools set up. Sir David Carter will be there too.

Vivienne Porritt (part 1) is seeking contributions along the themes EachForEqual and EthicalLeadership to the WomenEd London Unconference by 12th December. Tickets here. 7th March 2020.

Ed Finch brings pints and pedagogy to the people with #BrewEd - learn more if you want to run an event.

Laura Knight (part 1) is also looking for interesting new speakers for a new BrewEd event specifically in North London in the Spring, especially those who have a great story to share and perhaps haven’t yet done so. As is the #weareinbeta podcast. Get in touch with us both :)

Kim Reuter and Georgia Brown have opened a second training day for their FranklinFellows - a teacher mentoring programme in the Fenland and East Cambridgeshire Opportunity Area. Deadline to apply: December 31st 2019.

They also have 3 spots left on their Buddies & Bundles programme in Hackney and Tower Hamlets - a peer support intervention using illustrated stories and group games.

Jennifer Byrne invites you to join her to discuss all things parenting, CPD and teaching over a hot drink and cake at her MTPT Kent Coffee Morning. 9th December 2019.

Eleanor Bernades asks: “If anyone else would like to understand more about Alternative Provision and how our MAT works get in touch. We’re always keen to share our work and look at how we can partner with other people.”

Clare Fletcher is running a programme ‘Evaluating the impact of your primary curriculum. impact curriculum’ . Dates December January March and May to choose from.

Hywel Roberts supports individuals, teams and organisations at every level, from one to one therapy to innovative learning experiences, from international school leader conferences to cutting-edge educational discourse.

Penny Rabiger (part 1) is offering free CPD - ‘Enrich your curriculum and excite your students with Lyfta's global learning platform’. 9th December.

Mark Finnis offers training, consultancy and support to schools in their understanding of restorative practice including proactive and responsive skills, with a practical framework, including a range of formal and informal strategies.

Ed Finch and Pran Patel - after they had a conversation with some amazing teachers and educators, they thought a Christmas get together just seemed like a great idea. 14th December.

Steve Hoey and Rachel Bostwick are strengthening the mental health of the next generation by supporting schools to make a positive change at all levels of the UK's education system.

To read and listen

Andrew Lifford invites you to “Catch up with our Policy Insights Election Special” where he explore the differences between education pledges from the main political parties.

Vivienne Porritt (part 2) is giving you an opportunity to sleigh this Christmas with 20% off WomenEd’s ‘#10%Braver’ book with the code XMAS25.

The book features two We Are In Beta guests Chris Hilldrew and Claire Cuthbert. Claire’s episode on sexism and recruitment comes out this Sunday. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts and Spotify now.

Emma Turner shares why she thinks the narrative around school leadership needs to change in her new book - Be More Toddler. Released just this week and CPD events are already being run to discuss the content! 28th January 2020. Tickets here.

Jeremy Hannay has started his latest blog series- Building a Happy School. Catch up with his WeAreInBeta podcast here.

Verity Cane asks: ‘How can research be used in a bottom-up way to empower teachers to develop their craft and enhance their professional judgement?’ in her recent blog.

Chris Hilldrew - future We Are In Beta podcast guest - is pleased around 70% of 15-year-olds in the UK now self-report that they have a growth mindset, compared to an OECD average of 63%. Read his book ‘Becoming a Growth Mindset School’. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts and Spotify now.

Kat Howard offers advice to anyone looking to negotiate flexible working. She has also put together this excellent infographic to help your wellbeing.

Vic Goddard explains why he does the best job in the world in his book.

Tim O’Brien’s research and writing spans coaching, psychology, wellbeing, special education, learning difficulties, working with football clubs, the DfE, schools and more. Check out his fascinating profile page.

Bukky Yusuf reminds us that when there a lot of things that are out of our control, there is plenty that’s within our control. Read her Teacher 5aday blog.

Phil Naylor explores Bukky’s work on last week’s Naylors Natter Podcast.

Kristian Still shared exerts from his ILM Coaching and Mentoring Unit.

Jon Hutchinson writes about he and Reach Feltham colleagues took a long, hard, research-based look at their curriculum.

Penny Rabiger (part 2) reviews her favourite education podcasts. The Start Up Series is phenomenal. Catch up with her review of We Are In Beta here.

Jo Facer reads all the books. She reviews ‘Radical Candour’ and shares her thoughts on leaders’ responsibilities, what can go wrong and how to avoid it.

Jonny Walker writes about a recent writing retreat he ran for students and how the relationship between the academic and the therapeutic bound the retreat together.

Dan Morrow has been tackling pupil anxiety by investing in school dogs.

Recognition and awards

Alex Bell’s Youth Voice - a coaching programme & global platform for young people without reliable online connectivity but with a voice and message the world needs to hear has won won a global award. Congratulations! Learn more about his school leadership coaching in Jeremy Hannay’s interview here.

Laura Knight (part 2) and Lindsay Patience (part 2) have been shortlisted for the i25 Innovation award, for leading on digital wellbeing and digital learning and promoting flexible working respectively. Congratulations!


Ed Vainker - Exec. Head at Reach Academy - is recruiting some terrific roles available across Primary and Secondary, teaching, specialist and leadership. Catch up with his episode here.

Laura Knight (part.3) - if you’re a school leader in the private sector looking to appoint someone to lead on digital and innovation, the word is she is looking for a new role ;) Connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Claudie Combelas and Chloe Cawthorne run a great weekly jobs thread and are wondering if you’re looking to take your next leadership step - their NPQML, NPQSL and NPQH programmes can help.


BAMEed Network have put together an interactive and printable resources page on their website: advice for allies, a book list, event organisers’ toolkit.

Rachel Godwin runs a Tweetchat on Tuesdays 7-8pm for SENCOs/those interested in SEN and inclusion.

Jonny Uttley has produced The Education Alliance Workload Charter developed in partnership with branch secretaries of all major unions. “A culture of professional trust is at the heart of everything we want to do”.

Patrick Ottley O’Connor has weaved teacher5aday into North Liverpool Aademy’s Staff Family Christmas Party & Wellbeing Advent Calendar to prompt self-care and celebrate their yearlong staff approach to staff wellbeing.

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